CP1 is a low-budget standalone parking access control for a guardhouse barrier gate system to restrict unauthorized vehicles. CP1 car park access control can support up to 1024 users without an anti-passback function. CP1 can run standalone without any PC software.

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CP1 parking card access system is ideal for a low-budget apartment, gated community and commercial building with the simplest standalone function. CP1 is using SOYAL AR721H as a standalone reader to trigger a single barrier gate to open.

The simplest way to be in control
You can immediately deny entry to the tenant that did not pay monthly maintenance service fees. This can effectively help to improve the service fees collection rate. The system also immediately denies entry to the visitor that has been blacklisted.

How does standalone parking access control work?
During entry or exit, you can flash the proximity card in front of the reader (installed inside the Gooseneck). Upon identity verification, the reader will trigger the barrier gate to open. CP1 can run standalone without any software. When running as a standalone parking access system, all user numbers and card numbers must be recorded on paper for future maintenance purposes.

CP1 How does standalone parking access control work

Alternatively, multiple CP1 can be linked together to MagEtegra ME-ACS Lite version software. You can add/edit/delete users in the software and download the changes into the controller. ME-ACS provides a user-friendly interface for simpler card profile maintenance instead of manual recording on paper. After updating user changes, the PC can be unplugged from CP1. CP1 shall continue to run standalone without requiring any software connection.

Prevention is better than cure
It is better to block unauthorized visitors right at the entrance rather than trying to catch them after they are inside the premises. Filtering out an unauthorized visitor from the very beginning will effectively reduce internal security threats.

Software ready
In event of a crime, you can always connect the system to ME-ACS software to review detailed access activity reports.

Parking access with security guard me vms software

Fix any problems fast
The intruder might take advantage of the security loophole when the gate is down for a long time. MAG authorized dealers can leverage our wealth of experience in our support team, online knowledge base and warranty service to ensure any technical issue can be resolved faster. MAG offers full spare parts and repairing service locally at an affordable price to ensure your gate can resume operation in the shortest time possible.

Ordering info:

Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500
Quantity Equipment
1pcs SOYAL AR721HV3 basic reader
1pcs Gooseneck (w/epoxy painting)
1pcs NVS1230P power supply with backup battery

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