CP1 is a low budget standalone parking access control for guard house barrier gate system. CP1 car park access control can support up to 1024 users without anti-passback function. CP1 can run standalone without any PC software. CP1 parking card access system is ideal for low budget apartment, gated community and commercial building with simplest standalone function.

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How does standalone parking access control work?

Support up to 1024 cards. During entry or exit, flash the proximity card in front of the reader (installed inside the gooseneck). Upon identity verification, the reader will trigger the barrier gate to open. CP1 can run standalone without any software. When running as a standalone parking access system, all user number and card number must be recorded on paper for future maintenance purpose.

Alternatively multiple CP1 can be linked together to Soyal701 basic software. All user profile can be recorded into Soyal701 software. User can add/delete user in software and download changed into controller. Soyal701 provide user friendly interface for user profile maintenance. After updating user changes, PC can be unplugged from CP1. CP2 shall continue to run standalone without requiring any software connection.

What is benefit of standalone parking access control?

  • Standalone parking access control can run without PC software for site with small numbers of tenant.
  • Prevention is better than cure. It is better to block unauthorized visitor right at the entrance rather than trying to catch them after they are inside the premise. Filtering out unauthorized visitor from the very
  • beginning will effectively reduce internal security threat.
  • Software allowed detailed access activity report for audit in the event of crime
  • Immediately deny entry to tenant that did not pay monthly maintenance service fees. Effectively improve service fees collection rate.
  • Immediately deny entry to tenant that has been black listed to declined access permission

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Optional accessories to add on:

  • Add surge protector to eliminate risk of equipment damage by lightning surge
  • Add push button for manually open barrier gate
  • Add ARRep485 repeater if wiring from guard house to office is longer than 200m.


  • For hacking underneath road, recommended to use Unitronic RS422 data cable for better reliability.
  • Recomended to use MAG Barrier gate for maximum compatibility and reliablity