MAG FR300 is a dynamic face recognition reader built-in with advanced biometric tracking algorithm for faster and more accurate face detection. The modern, compact and slim design can easily fit to any premises. It is suitable for use in pedestrian gate or door access in office building, school, hospital, airport, condominium, factory, etc

The FR300 face recognition can be mounted beside a door or mounted on top of turnstile with a bracket. Both allow you enjoy the convenient of handsfree touchless access security. Now you can access your door and gate even though both of your hands are full. FR300 also can be used for lift access.


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Feature highlight:

  • Automatic Adaptive Detection Reading (AADR) technology. Automatically adjust detection area to accurately capture all critical biometric point even though when the face is moving. This is to ensure accurate recognition.
  • Automatic Depth Measuring (ADR) technology.Able to detect face at front and back, but priority on the face at front. This is to minimize front-gating where an unauthorized people trying to cheat to enter.
  • Dual camera featuring IRSense and ColorSense technology.Both technology working hand-in-hand to reject fake face (flat photo) and recognize live face (real human) in less than 0.2s under any lighting environment. Additional LED light and infrared light will be automatically illuminated in order to recognize face even in total darkness condition.
  • Adjustable detection range.The detection range can be adjusted between 0.5 meters up to 3 meters to cater different people traffic flow pattern at site.
  • High face capacity up to 10,000 face.With the high face capacity, it is ideal for usage in any big office, factory, school or any commercial building.