MagEtegra ME-VMSL Lite version is management software to verify, monitor, automate and improve the visitor recording process with simple reporting. This is ideal for typical guardhouses that require basic essential functions. All function is centralized to a single PC only.


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What if the visitor did not write the correct info into the logbook? Are you relying on the security guards to remember the face of a bad visitor? You looked at many software but most are too complicated for a security guard to use. You wanted something simpler and affordable to replace the current manual record book.

Simple enough for a security guard.
You cannot afford to hire an IT graduate to sit in your guardhouse. After reading all info from MyKad and a few clicks, ME-VMS is so simple that even a senior security guard can use the software.

ME-VMS Lite visitor with MyKad

Increase security, increase safety
All visitor identity is verified by MyKad to guarantee authenticity. ME-VMS will alert you if upon detected a visitor that has been blacklisted before. Security threats can be reduced by 90% if you filter out all the bad people from your building.

ME-VMS Lite Increase Security Increase Safety

Know who entered your building at any time
You can easily search all visitors in the past and currently still inside the building with just a few clicks.

ME-VMS Lite Know who entered your building at any time

No monthly subscription fees
Just pay 1 time for unlimited use of the software. The longer you use, the more money you can save compared to those monthly paid cloud software.

Only pay for what you need.
Comparing to community cloud software, we take out all other features and focus only on visitor management which has the highest impact on the safety of the community. Since not many visitors bother to pre-register themselves online, we removed this feature to eliminate additional internet costs at your guardhouse.

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