You only pay for what you need. That is why ME-ACS is divided into 4 versions starting from the Lite version which is FREE. While the Lite and Standard version can cater to the need for more small office/factory, Pro-Basic and Pro-Advance version can cater to the need for a big building.

ME-VMS is also divided into Lite and Enterprise versions to ensure you do not pay for the advanced features that you do not need. Our simplified GUI is easy enough for an admin clerk with minimum IT knowledge in a small office yet powerful enough to manage the entire building. We wanted to make advanced security simpler and most importantly affordable for everyone.

MagEtegra ME-ACS – Access Control with CCTV

-Manage access security for tenant
-Integrated with CCTV for picture capture
-Lite, Standard, Pro-Basic and Pro-Advance version
-Microsoft SQL secured client/server database
-Support door, lift, pedestrian and parking access
-Time attendance, Alarm & Emap extended features

MagEtegra ME-VMSL – Lite version visitor management

– Standalone single terminal
– Printed badge sticker
– MyKad only
– Basic check in/out
– Basic visitor profile picture only
– All report only view on single PC

MagEtegra ME-VMSE – Enterprise version visitor management

– Networked multiple terminals
– Additional face recognition, QR and card
– MyKad and Passport
– Additional access control for door and lift
– Advanced CCTV picture capture
– Additional client terminal to view report only

-Manage access security for tenant
-No integration with CCTV
-Standalone version only
-Text based unsecured standalone database-Support door and lift access
-Simplified basic access control function