MagEtegra ME-VMSC Client version is a management software used together with Lite and Enterprise versions to monitor visitor status in a building. This is ideal for building administrator that requires the live status of checked-in, check-out and overstays status.


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As an administrator, do you feel insecure if you do not know who else is in the building? Many visitor software in the market requires you to pay the price of the full version despite you just wanting the “view only” function.

Only pay for what you need
ME-VMSC client version is simplified to only allow viewing reports and visitor status so that it is more affordable for building administrator monitoring purposes.

Know who is inside real-time
ME-VMSC clearly show all overstayed visitor in real-time. This allows the administrator to pursue further with the receptionist or the tenant to identify any potential security issues.

Start enjoying the feeling of safety knowing that everyone in your building has been verified to be good people. Click here to contact us today.

If you are not ready to buy now, click here to learn about the 4 common problems of visitor management software to help you make a wise choice.


ME VMS Lite Version Specification2 01

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