SLB220 series provide a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic restriction for unauthorized visitor while still maintain a welcoming atmosphere .High door panel design prohibit attempt to climb over. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into sliding barrier.

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A good balance of quality, performance and durability is what most people look forward to when it comes to selecting or deciding a pedestrian gate for your building. A sturdy looking gate makes your building entrance appear promising not only to your tenants but also to respected visitors.

No way to cheat the entrance
SLB220 is designed to achieve the best balance of security, affordability and it’s look. The high door panel design prohibits any climbover or crawl under the gate that could be attempted by unauthorized people. Not to say that 100% assured no attempt but extra effort is surely needed if someone really want to try and breakthrough the system. “Desperate times call for desperate measures”.

Gage more tenants’ interest
What do you feel when entering A-class building? The interior, furniture, front desk, the people & the security gate all at once. The welcoming ambience can simply uplift your mood hence bringing positivity to everyone whether your current tenant or their visitors. To simply put, more tenants will be interested to rent a space in your building!

Emergency escape
In a state of emergency such as fire alarm or anything similar, SLB220 will auto open the door panel to allow free pass through. Your tenants are assured not to feel panick when such incident happened. Your security guard can manually open the gate too if the power is still running during the chaos.

Well trained support team
Good after sales service is what we are trying to instil to our clients. We walk our talk. Our team is individually well trained (theoretically & technically) to provide you with the best support and solution.

We are ready locally & internationally (through overseas dealer) in ensuring your peace of mind.

Don’t risk your tenant
At MAG, we make sure to have all of our pedestrian gates’ full spare part ready and available locally for your convenience. Unlike other overseas brand where you have to wait for weeks or months just for a spare parts to be imported in order to fix your broken gate. Get it fixed faster to avoid security threats.

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SLB221 Single Side, SLB222 Dual Side