SLB220 motorized sliding barrier is a type of pedestrian gate typically installed at the entrance of the building with an access control reader to restrict unauthorized access while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. Users with luggage can pass through easily. SLB220 offer the highest security for indoor application among all pedestrian gate.

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What do you feel when entering a Class-A building? The interior, furniture, front desk, the people and the security gate contribute to creating a comfortable ambiance that can simply uplift your mood. How can you stay stylish and still fully secured without looking like a heavily guarded fortress with multiple levels of grill bar?

Harder to cheat the entrance
SLB220 is designed to achieve the best balance of security, affordability while still looking good. You can prevent unauthorized persons from climb-over or crawl-under the gate with its high door panel.

Safety first
In a state of emergency such as a fire alarm, SLB220 will auto open the door panel to allow free pass through for fast escape. Your security guard can manually open the gate too if the power is still running during the chaos.

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Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500
Description Parameter
Power supply

220V ± 10%AC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption

Idle 16W
Operating DC24V

Rotating speed of the motor 800 round/min
Pass speed ≤30 person per min
Wing panel 10 mm thickness of glass
IR sensor 14 pair IR sensors

Site implementation:


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SLB221 Single Side, SLB222 Dual Side