SP2 – 8 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP6000+

Paradox SP2 is ideal Malaysia alarm system for medium size home or office. SP2 is using Spectra SP6000+ burglar alarm control panel system. SP2 home alarm panel can support 8 alarm zones. Paradox SP2 is a very affordable imported premium burglar alarm system from Canada.


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You are looking to buy a premium imported alarm system for your modern designed house or office. There are many choices on the Internet but you are worried about their local after-sales service and warranty. There might not be sufficiently well-trained local installers that support the brand.

We are here to help
MAG has been partnering with Paradox Canada for more than 10 years in Malaysia. Most warranty items can be repaired locally. Our authorized dealer backup by our strong support team can resolve any after-sales issue fast to keep your loved ones safe all the time.

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When security matters the most
The Paradox is one of the top 10 alarm brands in the world offering a full solution of the alarm panel, keypad and motion detectors with patented technology to ensure your peace of mind. Adding an NV780 dual side motion detector will trigger the alarm to scare off the burglar as soon as he touches the wall.

Paradox alarm package

Stay protected all the time
Unlike most of the other alarm brand’s mobile apps, Paradox’s Insite Gold allows you to bypass the failure zone and still arm the system. You know exactly which zone is triggered with instant push notification to your mobile phone.

Alarm Package

How does it work?
This basic package is just to get you started. You can always upgrade to an LCD keypad, add more motion detectors or photo beam to further enhance its security level.

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Connect to the internet through Wifi
You just need to add a wireless AP point nearby IP150 in the panel. Connect to your Wifi router at home or office. Then just follow the steps here to set up Insite Gold on your mobile.

Connect to the internet through Wifi2

It’s like 2 alarm panels in 1
You can protect two independent partition areas at the same location. The maid can disarm the maid’s room, kitchen and dining area (first partition) to do house chores early in the morning while the whole house perimeter (second partition) is still armed and protected.

Maximum value for your money
Paradox is loaded with features to ensure your get the best deal.

  • Arm or disarm with a single touch
  • Activate door chiming to notify you when someone enters or leaves an area
  • Can bypass one area to give access to maintenance workers while keeping other areas protected
  • Backlit keys on the keypad to inform you at a glance of your alarm status
  • The panic function allows you to trigger the alarm at any time when you feel the threat
  • Built-in phone auto-dialer to call out to CMS for help
  • Sleek new design with attractive keypads enhance any decoration
  • Large, soft keys make using your system easy for your entire family.
  • Improved lightning protection
  • Intellizones technology to prevent false alarm

Start enjoying the benefit of the best security technology from Canada. Click here to contact us now for more info.

If you are not ready to buy now, click here to learn about 4 common problems of burglar alarm system to help you make wise choice.

Ordering info:

Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500
Quantity Equipment
1pcs Paradox SP6000+ Control Panel (8 + 1 zones)
1pcs Paradox K10H 10 zone LED keypad
1 set Siren package included
1nos - External siren horn
1nos - Metal siren box
1nos - Strobe light
1nos - Tamper switch
Accessories included 1pcs - 2amp transformer
1pcs - DC12V 7aH battery
10pcs - Vibration sensor
4nos - Magnetic contact