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Comparing CCTV and Autogate, home security alarm system is the first security system that a house should install. While some may feel that it is a hassle, the benefits of having a home security alarm system is definitely something that you should consider. With house break-ins and thefts being common issues especially in isolated areas, these systems definitely have its benefits.


1. Protects your family


The safety of our family members will always be our top priority. This is especially true if there are kids in the household as they are the most vulnerable ones. Having an installed home security alarm system will add an additional layer of protection for your loved ones.


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2. Deters Crime


Criminals are much less likely to target a house with installed home security alarm systems. This may even extend to other houses within the vicinity as criminals are far less likely to target a monitored surrounding. The benefits of home alarm systems can be shared with the neighbourhood and thus making it a safe place for everyone.


3. Out of town protection


The safety of our homes is often a major concern when we are out of town. This matter is even more prevalent for frequent travellers. It may be a constant concern on our mind as our homes are left unattended for extended periods of time. However, installing a home security alarm system offers peace of mind to the traveller as out of town protection is ensured as well. You can celebrate your long holiday such as Hari Raya without worrying your house being broke in.

4. Lower insurance costs

One of the benefits of alarm systems often went unnoticed, which is having lower insurance premium costs. Some insurance companies offer lowered home insurance premium costs if a home security alarm system is installed. This can be taken into consideration if one thinks that the initial cost of installing a home security alarm system is unjustified.

5. Improves electricity management

Modern home security alarm systems are more than just means to prevent crime. Nowadays, some systems also come installed with PGM control for added electricity management. The benefits include saving up on electricity bills as the system can be programmed to optimize usage. You can turn on / off electrical devices from your phone to reduce electricity usage. Plus, another benefit of security systems with these functions built in is that it will also notify whenever there is electricity or fire problems. This can potentially avoid disasters caused by faulty plugs or components.

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