CCTV monitoring for home


CCTV surveillance has becoming a necessity in today modern home lifestyle. How can a CCTV system helps you ?

a) Monitor maid working in the house
b) Monitor children and elderly safety
c) Verify house situation when alarm notify your phone
d) Capture evidence in the event of crime or accident in the house

CCTV technology has evolved into HD (High Definition) video. AHD camera offer various resolution (1.0, 1.3 and 2.0 Megapixel) at very affordable solution compared to IP camera. AHD 1.0 Megapixel resolution offer sufficient resolution for residential purpose and still meet lower budget requirement. AHD 2.0 Megapixel resolution offer better resolution when you zoom-in bigger to see more details. You can mix camera with different resolution into a DVR depending on the location importance and budget limitation.

How It Work?

All camera is connected to a digital video recorder (DVR) for recording into a hard disk. User can live view/playback CCTV video from handphone or internet browser on a PC. Typically IR bullet camera is installed outdoor and IR dome camera is installed indoor.

Captures video signal into DVR. HD megapixel resolution for higher clarity. more info


DVR records all video into HDD for remote viewing / playback using handphone or PC over internet. more info

Store video data. Specially design for CCTV to support high speed and smooth playback of large video file. more info

Our DVR comes with powerful free android and I-phone apps for remote live view and playback. You can view up to maximum 16 channel live view. You can view your office, home, warehouse and factory from the same aps. Our aps support multiple site function. You can also playback single channel video from our aps. Our advanced video streaming technology allow you to see crystal clear video and crisp voice recording to help you have a clearer idea of what is happening at site. You can enjoy the convenience of surveillance monitoring at your fingertips. You can easily double check when your house alarm triggered while you are travelling.

You can use internet browser on PC for more bigger screen live view. You can playback multi-channel from IE instead of single channel on the phone. Multi-channel playback allow you to see the continuity of a crime event as the criminal move from 1 camera to another. You can easily monitor your maid daily activity from PC at your office.

The common problem in today CCTV is that the video start to distort when you zoom in bigger view. You are not able to see the burglar face clearly. Recorded CCTV video is blurred and valuable information is lost. Magtec new AHD technology is capable to record in High Definition 1080P (equivalent to BlueRay disc). This allowed recorded video to be zoomed in for bigger view while still maintains visible clarity. Clearer picture reveal many evidence that can help solve the crime. Magtec is launching MT89xx series 1080P AHD DVR.