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Access control is a term generally used to describe the mechanism for the authorization of certain parties to access specific resources. These resources may be physical such as paper documents, bank vaults and warehouse items. Other resources may be encrypted user information, bank transaction records or simply the safety of employees within a building. Having a security access control system regulates and controls access to these resources.

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The main purpose of access control is to provide security by allowing or restricting access to these resources by any party or individual. This is usually done as a security measure to protect those resources from unauthorized access or usage. Simple systems will simply allow or deny access while modern sophisticated systems can allow for intelligent decision making by onboard processors. Remote access can even be granted to visitors or contractors that do not have personal authorization for added convenience.

The need for security has increased over the years with advanced door access security systems utilizing biometric sensors in place of a simple lock and key. The rapid development stems from the increased awareness and need to protect valuable resources from unauthorized access and theft. A functional door access system can be as simple as having an identification card, to having multi-factor authentication and biometric iris scanners. They all essentially work the same way by allowing one to recognize and identify the party requesting access to said resources.

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Modern systems even allow for tracking and keeping a backlog record of the frequency and amount of access done. This allows employers to monitor movement and trace access to resources. Incorporation of a camera to your door access system can allow for facial recognition of employees and visitors for added security.

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Each building and organization is unique with their own requirements for custom security. While installing an access control system might feel like a costly matter, the added security and convenience is well worth the price tag. Speak to us at Magnet for professional consultation for a proper assessment and detailing of the most suitable access control system for you.