Fingerprint Multi Shift Time Attendance


Are you still using punch card system to keep track of your employee working hours? It is time to change to fingerprint multi-shift time attendance to solve following common problem of punch card system.

1) Buddy punching. Employee can punch in early for their friend that come in late. The employee is able to cheat longer working time causing company to lose money paying for “fake” clocking.
2) Account clerk needs to waste a lot of time calculating attendance report on paper or Excel spreadsheet every month’s end.
3) Manual calculation of attendance is a very tedious task and prone to error. Wrongly calculated employee salary will cause dispute and low working morale. This will de-motivate employees and reflect company poor management.

How It Work?


Soyal AR837EF fingerprint reader can uniquely identify each person up to 4500 people (each person maximum 2 fingerprint template). Latest scanning algorithm from Korea can support ultra-fast 700 msec 1:1000 fingerprint identification. There is no need hassle and delay of entering pin number prior to scanning the fingerprint. Fast scanning is important to avoid long queue at the door.


The software can support different shift for different employee. The software allows different overtime calculation for different employee. The flexible parameter can be preset for all employee. This ensures attendance report calculated is 100% accurate. There is no more dispute because each clock is done with employee unique fingerprint.


Attendance edit function allows you to manually edit the attendance record to accommodate special case that does not comply with software automated calculation based on defined shift. For example, sales staff that went to see customer early in the morning did not clock in. HR can manually key in the correct clock in time into the attendance record for this employee.

soyaletegra-system time-attendance-malaysia-

The software automatically calculates time attendance report in just a few minutes. Start enjoy the peace of mind of automation. The report also helps monitor attendance discipline problems such as late in, long lunch break and early out problem.

Click the links for each single all attendance sample report as per attached PDF file

Break Duration Analysis
Daily Attendance
Long Break
Missing Clock
Multi Day Attendance
Number Of Leave Taken
User Time Attendance

malaysia fingerprint daily-attendance-procedure-flow-chart
SoyalEtegra SE-ACS offer simple and affordable fingerprint time attendance system in Malaysia to cater for SME business. Automate your office attendance clocking and discipline monitoring today to boost higher employee productivity.

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