EV3 – High Performance Lift Access

EV3 is a elevator floor access control system that manages user security permission to access certain floors in building lift. EV3 lift card access controller can support up to 16000 cards and 16 floors (max 64 floors). Add AR401R016 to support additional 16 floors. Big LCD screen allows easier and more user friendly menu-based operation of the lift access controller.


AR725E Quick Guide
AR721U Quick Guide
AR401R016B Quick Guide
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How does elevator floor access control system work?

Operator can specify when (time zone), which level and which elevator (door group) user can access.

User gets into the elevator car and flashes the card to the reader installed beside the floor buttons. User is only allowed to select floor that is authorized for his access. Building manager will be able to control, monitor and generate access log daily, monthly and yearly report from PC.

What is the benefit of lift card access system?

  • Control vandalism activity by unauthorized visitor
  • Support “One-Card-Total” integration with door access and parking system
  • Significantly eliminate robbery or hostile intrusion
  • Tenant will feel safer & have more privacy

Ordering info:

1 pcs
Soyal lift access controller reader AR725E
1 pcs
Soyal AR721U Wiegand reader
1 pcs
Power supply 12V, 3A
1 pcs
White metal box with cam lock
1 pcs
Soyal AR401R016B floor relay Controller
1 pcs
Soyal AR725L485 Interface
2 pcs
2.2K ohm termination resistor
1 pcs
Fuse for tamper protection
2 pcs
Key switch latch type on/off
1 pcs

Optional accessories to add on:

  • Add AR727CM to link multiple EV packages to PC via TCPIP LAN network
  • Add AR401R016 floor relay controller to support additional 16 floors


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