Illuminated touch panel for easier during night time. Elegant design with black glossy housing given a modern look to your office. Direct connect to TCPIP network to achieve faster data downloading speed. This is a high performance single door reader.

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General feature:

  • DirectPC technology allow direct interface to PC
  • Support standard 125Khz EM or mifare 13.56MHz card
  • Alarm function (tamper / door open too long / force unauthorized entry)
  • Compact smaller design to effectively blend with any decoration


  • Door access control
  • Time attendance function
  • Elevator access control

Special Feature:

  • Built in 1 relay output for automation. Relay is activated according to duty time or pre-set weekly schedule. Eg application: Ring a bell for 30 sec at the beginning of every new duty. Or turn on spot light at 7pm every day except Sunday.
  • Support more accurate duty based time attendance function
  • Auto display current duty name according to the pre-set duty start time

Standard Feature:

  • Support door auto-relock
  • Keypad will be locked for 30 sec if continuous error.
  • Built in watch dog to prevent system from halting.
  • Made of high quality ABS material.
  • Assignable user range for multiple master card. Master card is used to as a alternative method to enter editing mode incase user forgot the password

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