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What are 6 important things to take note for correct barrier gate installation?

Barrier gates can be seen almost everywhere in Malaysia, from the urban areas to the suburbs, barrier gates have become the frontline of security in car parks of housing areas, shopping malls, office buildings etc.

barrier gate installation

You will find that different installer will quote you different installation price. Some quotation is very cheap and some quotation might seemed more expensive. Before you make your final decision, it is worthwhile to understand some of the important aspect of barrier gate installation and how it impact the installation price of a barrier gate. Therefore, before your next barrier gate installation, here are some things to take note of in order to get the right barrier gate installation.

1.  Road condition.
The cabinet of the auto barrier gate system should be stationed on an even and concrete surface. Otherwise, the installer has to build a stable and horizontal foundation pit to support the automatic barrier gate, especially on slopes. In addition, the technician has to make sure that there are no pipes or cables on it. However, do remember to lay corrugated tubes and power cables before the concrete hardens.

Malaysia barrier gate installation

2. Fixing barrier gate.
The price you pay for the automatic barrier gate is inclusive of its setup from top to bottom. The first step begins with fixing the car park barrier on the ground. In order to get the right position, technicians will usually use a pen or soft tapes to mark holes with the clamping blocks. Once they have confirmed the position of the holes, then they will start drilling them. Using screws and bolts, the auto barrier gate system is then fixed to the base.

diagram 6.3

3. Inner part wiring.
When a dealer installs the automatic barrier gate for clients, the price includes a full installation of the auto barrier gate system. According to the wiring diagram provided, the technician will be able to install the system for their clients. When fixing up the control box, the right way is to connect the triple mounted button to the last terminal block. It is better for technicians to remove the terminal block, so that the procedure of screwing in the wires is easy. Wiring should be neat inside the barrier gate metal housing.


4. Adjustment of spring.
After the arm of the automatic barrier gate has been screwed in, and the wiring has been done, then it’s time to check the movement of the arm. The installers will turn the power on, and manually move the motor for the parking barrier arm. If the barrier feels heavier when going downwards, it means that the spring is too tight. If it feels heavier when moving upwards, then the spring is too loose. The technician will to free the clutch at 45 degree and adjust the spring (tighten it or loosen it) until the arm can achieve equilibrium position at 45 degree. If this step is not done correctly, barrier gate motor will need to endure unnecessary mechanical burden that will significantly shorten the life time of the barrier gate.

5. Loop detector
The parking barrier gate can be installed with a loop detector. A loop detector functions to trigger barrier gate’s arm to automatically close after a vehicle have completely pass through the passage. Of course, the price of the installation would be different because the ground loop detector requires a groove to be made in the ground. The 25mm-deep groove allows the installer to make 4 loops with the wire. Usually the loop detector controller is installed inside the housing of parking barrier gate.

install barrier gate loop coil

barrier gate installation layout


6. EARTH connection
Barrier gate installed outdoor is exposed to electrical surge from lightning. We strongly recommend AC230 surge protector is installed to the power supply connection inside the barrier gate to prevent it from being burned by lighning. On top of that, barrier gate metal housing must be connected to EARTH to ensure the extra FATAL currents can be drained effectively during rainy days. We definitely do not want anyone to be electrocuted when they touch the barrier gate during rainy days.

barrier gate install earth

barrier gate install surge

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