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THE rise of smart buildings in recent times has heightened the demand for new and improved physical security measures, necessitating functional and enhanced risk assessment methods to safeguard residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Unlike in the past, building security access no longer solely regulates entry and exit points but has evolved into a comprehensive data centre for emergency response, evacuation procedures and intruder identification to prevent untoward incidents.

In this era of technological advancement, building security access – equipped with barrier gates, CCTV and other technologies — has become instrumental in smart building security, ensuring effective control during fire incidents, break-ins, vandalism and other emergencies.

Whether residing in a condominium, working in an office building, or managing an industrial factory, individuals have likely experienced access checkpoints utilising cards or media gadgets for entry.

FR with tripod turnstile

One trend gaining significant traction is the shift towards medialess security access systems.

Gone are the days of fumbling with keys or cards. Instead, contactless, capture and control mechanisms are taking centre stage, revolutionising the way we interact with building security and enhancing people’s experience throughout their journey from the point of entry to exit, whether in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.

Conventionally, a vehicle entering a secured building premise would have to present some form of building identification card for access at the barrier gate entrance. Subsequently, the person accessing the building premise would have to use either the same card or another card to access the building lobby and proceed to their destination level and unit.

Xclone sticker on car lamp with barrier gate3

Medialess access is now a trend akin to passing through immigration checkpoints at airports, where your face serves as your secure entry into a country.

In China today, some townships even employ this form of access to enter neighbourhoods to prevent perpetrators or criminals from lurking around residences.

FR with ai tech2

This trend is exemplified by the widespread adoption of RFID technology for vehicle access and facial recognition biometric Al (artificial intelligence) for people access into buildings and unit offices. The seamless integration of these technologies not only enhances security but also streamlines the user experience.

Medialess security access solutions have been widely accepted and adopted, especially at commercial and industrial buildings where personnel accessing the building or factory compound requires high-security identification as well as speedy processing during rush hours.

While in residential buildings, the trend is expected to catch on soon due to demand for a safer and more secure living environment.

Shift to medialess picking up speed

So, why is this shift towards medialess security access gaining momentum? The answer lies in the inherent limitations and concerns associated with traditional key or card-dependent systems.

Carrying around physical keys or cards can be cumbersome, and there is always the risk of them being lost, stolen, or duplicated. By eliminating the need for such physical media, medialess security access alleviate these concerns and provide a more convenient and secure alternative.

Face recognition lift access

Living in an era characterised by Al and cutting-edge technology, it only makes sense to embrace these advancements in our daily lives. The use of facial recognition biometric and RFID technology in building security solutions is poised to revolutionise the way we interact with our surroundings.

Today, technology is evolving so quickly and it is changing the way we navigate and access buildings.

Imagine walking into your workplace or apartment building and seamlessly gaining entry without having to dig through your bag for keys or cards. Your face becomes your key and this is what medialess security access promises to deliver.

Face recognition main header atirah

Beyond the convenience factor, these technologies offer a myriad of benefits.

From an enhanced area control perspective and during emergencies like a fire, medialess security access – integrated from the entrance and the facility to the unit management system — is able to support building security management in quickly tracking and identifying trapped individuals at specific units, levels and sections to facilitate speedy rescue missions. Such integrated building security technology is also able to prevent unauthorised access in the event of lost pt stolen media.

Medialess security access systems provide a comprehensive and robust security solution. Moreover, the integration of facial recognition biometric and RFID technology enables seamless tracking and management through centralised dashboards.

From entrance management to building and unit management, these systems offer unparalleled visibility and control, empowering administrators to efficiently monitor and manage access.

MagEtegra software with face recognition via web cam

In conclusion, the trend towards medialess security access represents a paradigm shift in building security solutions, particularly in smart buildings. By harnessing the power of facial recognition biometric and RFID technology, we can create a safer, more efficient and more user-friendly environment.

Embracing these advancements is not just about keeping up with the times; it’s about embracing the future and unlocking a world of possibilities.

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Kuala Lumpur, 13 March 2024 – MAGnet Security & Automation Sdn Bhd (MAG), a leading provider of security and automation solutions, celebrated a historic milestone today as they were officially recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records for selling the Most Barrier Gates in a Year.

MBR group photo

The award ceremony was presented by Dato Seri Dr. Micheal Tio, CEO of Malaysia Book of Records, and was witnessed by MAG’s top dealers and staff, whose hard work had collectively contributed to the achievement.


In his address, the CEO of MAG, Jimmy Low emphasized the values of dedication, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence that underpin the company’s success. He expressed gratitude to the entire MAG team and dedicated dealers, whose unwavering commitment and tireless efforts contributed to the record-breaking feat.

barrier stock

Low also highlighted the significance of the achievement beyond mere numbers, emphasizing its real-world impact on enhancing safety and security for end-users. He credited the collective efforts of the team and the trust bestowed upon MAG by its customers for this remarkable milestone.

barrier quality check

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the pandemic 3 years ago, MAG successfully navigated through this difficult period without sacrificing performance, and even rewarded its team members with bonuses. Low expressed confidence in the team’s ability to build upon this success to further grow and strengthen its presence in 13 countries in the region.  MAG is looking to expand its international market presence this year, leveraging the weak ringgit for an advantage.

export barrier2

MAG’s vision extends beyond this accolade, with aspirations to become a leading security and automation solution provider in Southeast Asia.

MAG all products2

With a comprehensive range of software and hardware products, MAG is uniquely positioned to deliver secure and seamless building experiences, ensuring peace of mind for customers.

Satisfied customer

For more information about MAG and its range of security and automation solutions, please visit

About MAG

MAGNET Security & Automation Sdn. Bhd. (MAG) leads the industry with comprehensive security and automation solutions, ensuring seamless building experiences. Trusted by partners and clients across 13 countries, MAG delivers tailored solutions for over 280 projects in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our commitment to excellence is certified by ISO9001:2015 standards, guaranteeing quality and reliability in every product.

legacy video thumb3

MAG offers an extensive suite of security and automation solutions from entry to exit points. Our offerings encompass barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, CCTV systems, and more, including a range of software and hardware products for total building security access solutions. We are committed to excellence and innovative solutions.

CEO and DTMT discussion

We are committed to grow new businesses for MAG by expanding to the oversea market. By continuing to expand, MAG is challenging the very definition of what a security and automation market are… and what they can be.

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Syarikat pembekal sistem keselamatan dan automasi, Magnet Security & Automation Sdn Bhd atau lebih dikenali sebagai MAG bukanlah satu jenama yang asing di pasaran.

MAG menawarkan sistem keselamatan dan automasi untuk bangunan, rumah pengawal dan kediaman peribadi dengan mengoptimumkan reka bentuk bagi mencapai keseimbangan fungsi dan kemampuan praktikal yang baik sebagai penyelesaian masalah keselamatan pengguna.

Sistem keselamatan yang menyeluruh

site reference 3

Bermula daripada kejayaan AutoGate (pagar automatik), MAG memperluas perkhidmatan dan penawaran produknya sebagai solusi keselamatan dan automasi yang merangkumi pintu penghalang, pintu pejalan kaki, kawalan akses dan kamera litar tertutup (CCTV).

Berpengalaman selama 40 tahun dalam industri keselamatan, MAG menawarkan penyelesaian menyeluruh dengan membekalkan produk mengikut kehendak pasaran dan kualiti seiring pematuhan standard ISO9001:2015.

Memastikan pengguna sentiasa mendapat yang terbaik mengikut harga dibayar, MAG turut menyediakan perkhidmatan selepas jualan.

imgpsh fullsize anim edit

Apabila pengguna membeli sistem keselamatan menyeluruh dengan MAG, pengguna turut dilindungi dengan sokongan teknikal, dokumentasi, jaminan dan servis pembaikan sepenuhnya jika terdapat sebarang masalah.

MAG mempunyai lebih 1,500 rakan dagang profesional di seluruh negara yang berperanan mengendalikan, memasang dan menyelesaikan masalah pengguna dalam masa kurang 30 minit selepas aduan dibuat.

2020 12 29 12 22 51

MAG turut mendapat kepercayaan daripada negara jiran, Indonesia apabila dua kali dalam masa 10 tahun sebagai pembekal pintu akses tiket ke stesen Transit Bas Laju (BRT) TransJakarta.

Masalah keselamatan semasa pandemik

Tidak menafikan turut terkesan dengan masalah pandemik yang melanda, CEO (MAG) Jimmy Low berkata, syarikat tidak sepatutnya mengurangkan peruntukan kepada keselamatan kerana berlaku peningkatan kes pecah masuk syarikat apabila pekerja tidak bekerja di pejabat.

2020 12 29 12 23 13

“Ketika ini semua pihak harus lihat kembali adakah peruntukan untuk sistem keselamatan harus ditambah atau dikurangkan. Bangunan yang kosong menjadi tarikan kepada pencuri melakukan aktiviti mereka tidak kira waktu siang atau malam. Sistem keselamatan yang lemah memudahkan aktiviti mereka,” katanya.

Penghuni yang tinggal berseorangan juga tidak terlepas menjadi sasaran pencuri yang terdesak terutama jika kediaman tidak dilengkapi sebarang sistem keselamatan.

Solusi norma baharu

2020 12 29 12 23 30

Tampil dengan satu lagi rekaan menakjubkan, MAG FR 300 berfungsi sebagai sistem pengenalan wajah dinamik yang dibina dengan algoritma penjejakan biometrik untuk pengesanan wajah yang lebih pantas dan tepat.

Reka bentuknya yang moden, kompak dan nipis memudahkannya untuk dipasang di mana-mana premis terutama di pintu masuk pejalan kaki atau akses ke pejabat, sekolah, hospital, lapangan terbang, kondominium, kilang dan juga lif.

Lebih menarik menerusi rekaan MAG FR 300 pengguna boleh menikmati kemudahan keselamatan tanpa sentuh dan ia juga dapat mengecam wajah dari pelbagai arah walaupun berada dalam keadaan tidak statik hanya dengan mengesan titik biometrik.

Di bawah kepimpinan dua generasi sejak 1980, MAG berjaya menjadi perintis dalam industri keselamatan dan automasi terkemuka di Asia Tenggara yang berjaya mengeksport produknya ke lebih 10 negara serta mempunyai 100 rakan global.

Sebagai peneraju industri keselamatan dan automasi dengan proses yang cekap bersama  pasukan berdedikasi, MAG mahu menjadi penyelesaian masalah harian bukan sahaja di Malaysia malah di peringkat antarabangsa.

Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut, layari laman sesawangFacebook, Instagram dan LinkedIn Magnet Security & Automation Sdn Bhd.

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Through the decades, a small-scale family business providing autogate systems has evolved into a company that specialises in complete solutions in security and automation systems.

Founded in 1980 by the Low family’s patriarch, Magnet Security and Automation Sdn Bhd (MAG) now meets the needs of the Malaysian and South-East Asian markets.

“Over the years we have been selling stand-alone products, which sometimes can be a little infuriating for some of our clients, ” said MAG chief executive officer Jimmy Low, who is the successor and son of the founder.

963846 e1609214083262

“We strive to stay at the leading edge of new technology,” said Jimmy Low.

He shared that the company aspired to be different which also happens to be part of its ethos.

“With market insights, we saw an opportunity to provide a holistic solution by integrating relevant products into one solution for our customers such as dealers, office project managers, building consultants and end consumers.

We have progressed from just providing standalone products to a comprehensive, integrated solution for three key target areas such as MAG Guardhouse Solution, MAG Building Solution and MAG House Solution, ” he added.

MAG has also expanded its services to selecting, designing, and building solutions to ensure customers’ peace of mind.

With some 238 projects under its belt, MAG has racked up a diversified portfolio of clients that includes buildings, properties with guardhouses and even homes.

Prominent landmarks protected by its business solutions are Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) in Cheras, KL, the Immigration checkpoint in Bukit Kayu Hitam and Sarawak Energy Green building.


Magnet Security and Automation Sdn Bhd’s quality control team at work to ensure every product complies to the stringent quality requirement of ISO9001:2015.

Low stressed the importance of a team that shared similar aspirations with the company.

“Our i-Magnet Cares service ensures that we can resolve dealers technical and warranty inquiries in the shortest time possible, ” he added.

With a robust network of over 1,500 dealers, MAG is fully equipped with the necessary technical and product knowledge to serve customers.

“We strive to stay at the leading edge of new technology, and we work hard to make sure that our clients receive the full benefits of this new technology, ” he said.

Rolling with the times

With Malaysians working from home and office buildings remaining vacant in the wake of the movement control order (MCO), Low believes that this raises security concerns.

“A lot of valuable equipment and items are now left in empty buildings and are susceptible to theft and vandalism.

963847 Copy

Integrated security solutions with advanced control software for seamless surveillance management.

“It is necessary for business owners and building managers to make sure their occupant’s valuables are protected, ” said Low.

With an integrated security system, this can be done while away from workplaces, he stressed.

This would grant business and factory operators greater control over the building’s security to make operations easier and more effective.

“Operating from a centralised location, our software can integrate all security systems within the building as well as its remote branches ensuring greater safety and peace of mind, ” he added.

Jimmy believes that by filtering out people at building entrances, 90% of security threats could be effectively eliminated.

The MagEtegra is one of its well-known security software suites that monitors tenants and visitors entering a building.

Door, parking, lift and pedestrian gate access as well as multifunction surveillance cameras (CCTV) and timed attendance are all managed from a single platform.

The software suite is user-friendly, making it suitable for small offices and powerful enough to manage security for an entire building.

Keeping communities safe and secure

Low shared that working from home is turning homes into primary workspaces and this could have its own set of shortcomings.

According to the Malaysia 2020 Crime and Safety report, residential break-ins are common and single-occupant homes are the most targeted.

Gated high-rise apartment complexes with 24-hour guards and electronic access control systems have a much lower burglary rate.

For residents in gated communities, MAG’s guardhouse solution helps streamline visitor registration and resident gate access to ensure effective surveillance of security personnel.

Residents would also benefit from the long-range reader, where entering and exiting their gated homes would be a smooth experience.


Magnet Security and Automation Sdn Bhd’s latest Xclone long range reader with encrypted access card helps increase security by preventing access cards to be cloned.

Furthermore, the MAG House Solution is equipped with end-to-end product offerings for convenient security with autogate systems, enhanced CCTV, burglar alarm and motion detector.

“With media reports highlighting that most burglaries happen at night, installing a CCTV that shows clear video straight to your mobile phone is good evidence for the authorities.

“However, an advanced alarm system and motion detector installed around your house compound is sometimes good enough to scare off robbers before they even touch the walls of a home, ” said Low.

To keep safe and protected at your convenience, find out more about security and automation solutions on MAG’s website. For quick updates, visit their social media platforms FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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MAG has been around for 40 years. In recent interview with Sin Chew, I have shared the challenges to grow the business and continue my dad vision in improving safely level of every Malaysian as second generation. It is the company direction to continue growing to overseas market.

经常出入任何办公大楼、围篱式住宅区,甚至是居家里,你会发现MAG无所不在。什么是MAG?MAG是MAGNET Security & Automation私人有限公司创立的安全与自动化解决方案品牌,MAG也是该公司的简称。MAG已在业界立足40年,是本地及国际颇具规模及信誉的安全与自动化解决方案供应商,专业于为你人身与财产提供安全保障,也确保你的生活便利且安心无忧。

ad7a7682 0751 4c7e bc0f 4fde71b78d95

MAGNET Security & Automation私人有限公司(下称MAG)成立自1980年,由该公司现任首席执行员刘子鸣(Jimmy Low)的父亲创办。创办人刘父毕业自电子工程系,刚开始创业只涉足电动门销售与安装业务,后来随着时代的变迁,以及顾客对安全与自动化的需求增加,他逐渐把更多的产品和系统加入销售行列。尔后更一步步把只做零售的小公司,转型发展成为今日在安全与自动化领域上有口皆碑的解决方案供应商。

fd1c528e c5ea 46b2 9674 4a11d13b36b3 zsize

Jimmy 作为第二代掌舵人,有责任传承父亲的心血。他从美国大学的电气与电子工程系毕业之后,父亲就召唤他回国帮忙。他加入公司后,缩小了零售与安装业务范围,反而更着重于批发供应的经营模式,产品销售给经销商,再经由经销商转售给终端顾客。这样的经营模式,带领MAG的发展又更上了一层楼。至今,MAG遍布全马各地,包括东马的经销商已经超过1500家。


61e14d19 f277 4cf6 95de 5752a638a7a6 zsize

Jimmy 意识到品牌化的重要性,于是打造了自家品牌——MAG,随后更跟着市场的趋势与需求将产品系列一一扩展,如今MAG旗下系列完整的安全与自动化解决方案涵盖电动门、警报系统、门禁系统、闭路电视、通道闸(Barrier Gate)、三辊闸(Tripod Turnstile)等种类繁多。

14b30e18 7ce4 4a5b 893f 19b5181f8f28 zsize

MAG 的安全与自动化解决方案透过经销商,专门供应给警卫室、建筑大楼以及住宅区三个主要市场。Jimmy 强调,这三个市场正是渗透每一个人生活的所在地,从住家到社区警卫室,再到工作场所进入大楼,到办公室打卡上班,MAG 解决方案确保每一个人时时刻刻获得安全之余,也享受到当中带来的便利。

12280cff b17f 433a 962b 48a556b08115 zsize

贯彻MAG最新标语“确保你的生活安心无忧(Ensuring your peace of mind)”,所有解决方案仅需连接由MAG 内部开发的软件MagEtegra,就可以轻易整合和操控所有硬件,解决携带不同门禁卡的繁琐和麻烦,管理起来更简易轻松。

31002560 3ad2 4ebe 9dae 090f2e7f2809 zsize

盈利对MAG来说固然重要,但对Jimmy而言,他更看重产品质量和优质服务。对产品质量从不妥协的Jimmy,特别邀请德国稽查公司严格审核MAG的整个品质管理系统,确保出来的产品质量符合高标准,因此造就了MAG成为业界少有获得ISO9000认证的企业。值得一提的是,MAG 的市场定位为中上等级,但定价公道,让终端顾客能以可负担价格享有高质量又令人安心的产品。

至于售后服务方面,MAG主张以客为尊服务理念,通过设立的i-Magnet Cares 客户服务计划,对顾客(经销商)许下承诺,只要来电求助,MAG随时待命的3组技术支援团队保证最多30分钟的时间内,迅速协助他们解决一般问题。Jimmy 自豪地说,以目前纪录显示,团队不到承诺的30分钟就解决了顾客的问题。他补充,如有实地检修的需要,MAG技术人员也非常乐意出勤到现场提供实际的技术援助,务求以最高效率解决问题。




AR300u 2


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There are many long range reader in the market that claim they are the same as MAG. They might look the same but they are NOT really the same thing. Many customers have requested us to publish correct methods to ensure the long range reader they paid is truly authentic MAG long range reader. This is to avoid customer paid for a MAG long range reader but received other product.

1. Check for MAG logo sticker with serial number at the back of long range reader. The sticker consist of MAG logo, description of product, model number, reference number and serial number. The original MAG product should have a unique serial number and also a warranty sticker indicating the month and year of purchase. Both of this information is essential for warranty claim or repairing service with us in the future.

AR300u 2

2. Check for MCMC Certification mark with a unique certificate holder’s identification number. MCMC label is a mandatory certification mark indicating that a communications device is certified for compliance to standards according to the Communications and Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulations 2000.


MCMC label

3. Check MAG logo at front to ensure you get our latest V2 newer model instead of V1 old model. The latest version indicated an improved version of MAG long range reader that have longer reading range and wider reading angle to diffentiate it from other brand in the market. The brand “MAG” have been in the market for last 30 years and it shows our commitment to our customer with good quality product, good support service, local spare part availability and reasonable price.

AR300U View

Please insist to purchase original MAG long range reader to ensure:
1. Product quality and reading range performance assurance.
2. Warranty assurance.
3. Reasonable price.
4. Local spare part availability.
5. Local technical support.

MAG is your wise choice for complete long range parking access system from a single supplier.

barrier gate installation


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What are 6 important things to take note for correct barrier gate installation?

Barrier gates can be seen almost everywhere in Malaysia, from the urban areas to the suburbs, barrier gates have become the frontline of security in car parks of housing areas, shopping malls, office buildings etc.

barrier gate installation

You will find that different installer will quote you different installation price. Some quotation is very cheap and some quotation might seemed more expensive. Before you make your final decision, it is worthwhile to understand some of the important aspect of barrier gate installation and how it impact the installation price of a barrier gate. Therefore, before your next barrier gate installation, here are some things to take note of in order to get the right barrier gate installation.

1.  Road condition.
The cabinet of the auto barrier gate system should be stationed on an even and concrete surface. Otherwise, the installer has to build a stable and horizontal foundation pit to support the automatic barrier gate, especially on slopes. In addition, the technician has to make sure that there are no pipes or cables on it. However, do remember to lay corrugated tubes and power cables before the concrete hardens.

Malaysia barrier gate installation

2. Fixing barrier gate.
The price you pay for the automatic barrier gate is inclusive of its setup from top to bottom. The first step begins with fixing the car park barrier on the ground. In order to get the right position, technicians will usually use a pen or soft tapes to mark holes with the clamping blocks. Once they have confirmed the position of the holes, then they will start drilling them. Using screws and bolts, the auto barrier gate system is then fixed to the base.

diagram 6.3

3. Inner part wiring.
When a dealer installs the automatic barrier gate for clients, the price includes a full installation of the auto barrier gate system. According to the wiring diagram provided, the technician will be able to install the system for their clients. When fixing up the control box, the right way is to connect the triple mounted button to the last terminal block. It is better for technicians to remove the terminal block, so that the procedure of screwing in the wires is easy. Wiring should be neat inside the barrier gate metal housing.


4. Adjustment of spring.
After the arm of the automatic barrier gate has been screwed in, and the wiring has been done, then it’s time to check the movement of the arm. The installers will turn the power on, and manually move the motor for the parking barrier arm. If the barrier feels heavier when going downwards, it means that the spring is too tight. If it feels heavier when moving upwards, then the spring is too loose. The technician will to free the clutch at 45 degree and adjust the spring (tighten it or loosen it) until the arm can achieve equilibrium position at 45 degree. If this step is not done correctly, barrier gate motor will need to endure unnecessary mechanical burden that will significantly shorten the life time of the barrier gate.

5. Loop detector
The parking barrier gate can be installed with a loop detector. A loop detector functions to trigger barrier gate’s arm to automatically close after a vehicle have completely pass through the passage. Of course, the price of the installation would be different because the ground loop detector requires a groove to be made in the ground. The 25mm-deep groove allows the installer to make 4 loops with the wire. Usually the loop detector controller is installed inside the housing of parking barrier gate.

install barrier gate loop coil

barrier gate installation layout


6. EARTH connection
Barrier gate installed outdoor is exposed to electrical surge from lightning. We strongly recommend AC230 surge protector is installed to the power supply connection inside the barrier gate to prevent it from being burned by lighning. On top of that, barrier gate metal housing must be connected to EARTH to ensure the extra FATAL currents can be drained effectively during rainy days. We definitely do not want anyone to be electrocuted when they touch the barrier gate during rainy days.

barrier gate install earth

barrier gate install surge

MAG barrier gate has been successfully installed all over the world. Please click on the video below to see our barrier gate site installation location.

bad cctv2


By Knowledge Sharing

Before you install a CCTV system at your premise, there are a few important things that you should take note of before investing a large sum into a valuable tool.

1. Night Vision

If you’re using a CCTV for night recordings, you will have to choose one that offers good night vision. When the environment becomes dark, meaning that it has a low LUX (lumens per square meter), a good quality CCTV system should capture everything clearly in black and white with the help of its infrared LED. High-grade CCTV cameras such as the Magtec AX series, produce non-pixelated images in low-light conditions, enabling you to view a person’s face clearly with no noise at all.


bad cctv2

2. Areas to cover

What are the areas that you would like the CCTV to cover at your premise? Whether it’s your front yard, backyard, office or shop corridor, you’ll need to make sure that the CCTVs have the right coverage in these areas. You don’t want to be missing out on any corners or prominent spots where people can come and leave without being recorded. Professional CCTV system installers will help survey the premise and understand the operations of a place to identify the spots with high vulnerability. Image might appear too small if CCTV camera is installed too far away from target area. Using the correct lens will zoom in to the target area so that the target area will appear big enough for meaningful viewing.

cctv camera comparison e1530322877517

cctv comparison e1530323661685

3. Wired or wireless

Traditional wired CCTVs have a more stable data transmission because it isn’t prone to interference or unstable internet connections like how a wireless CCTV would. On the contrary, a wireless CCTV is mobile and much easier to install as there is no need to drill holes for wiring works. Thus, you can change where you put it without much trouble. Compare their pros and cons prior to the purchase, then consider both options based on your criteria.

good cctv

4. Storage

There are 2 ways to store the recorded videos – hard disk and cloud storage. Cloud storage requires less maintenance because the providers manage the upgrades and issues of the cloud storage. Unlike a hard disk, you do not have to often replace it, all you have to do is notify the service provider to increase or decrease space. On the other hand, with hard disk storage, you have control over the data anytime, even without the internet. It also prevents your data from being stolen via network hacking. It is important to use hard disk designed for CCTV purpose to ensure the hard disk can withstand constant 24 hours non-stop data writing.

cctv hard disk

5. Resolution

Depending on your premise and your needs, CCTV video resolutions can be a key factor for your CCTV system requirements. QCIF videos are lowest in quality with pixels of 176 x 120, and 5MP videos are the highest with pixels of 2592 x 1944. Of course, it’s best to get CCTVs with high pixels because it’s definitely clearer. Even when you zoom into a video showing the back of a car from a distance, you’ll still be able to see its car plate number.

cctv resolution

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