CP4R4 is a long range reader unit for the CP4 parking access package. You can have a maximum of 16 x CP4R4 reader units connecting to the CP4M main system. Global anti-passback across all reader units up to 16,000 card users.

CP4 Specification

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Advanced UHF long-range reader that can read up to 10 meters (free air) depending on the type of solar film installed, interference at the site and proper card reading angle. Xclone dual encryption technology gives you double safety to prevent your access card from being cloned.

Xclone is designed to work without interference despite you installed another UHF tag such as the TnG RFID sticker on your car. You can pass through seamlessly without stopping your car.

Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500

Ordering info:

Quantity Equipment

1 pcs

MAG AR300U Xclone reader

1 pcs

SOYAL AR721H data interface

1 pcs

Metal pole

1 pcs

Small PVC box for surge protector and wiring termination (not included and to be purchased separately).

1 set

1 x NVS1230P for every 2 x long range reader unit

1 set

MAG barrier gate with loop detector


Support following cards:
CDUS133L - UHF card
CDUE133L - Hybrid UHF and EM
CDUM133L - Hybrid UHF and Mifare
CDUT133L - UHF sticker

Recommended Surge Protector:
Quantity Equipment

1 pcs

PD-12FG to protect RS485 data and 12V

1 pcs

MD-4CCU12V for UP, COM, DOWN and STOP input signal at each barrier gate board

1 pcs

C-240AC to protect AC230 power input in barrier gate.