How to correctly protect your home from burglary?


CCTV cannot provide you sufficient home security. A good and properly installed alarm system can prevent robbers from entering your house. Click on following video to learn how alarm can be triggered to scare off the robber and notify you at the first moment the robber “touches” the house.

Comparing CCTV and autogate, burglar alarm system is the FIRST security system that a house should install. An autogate only give you convenience when you are entering the house. An CCTV system can only review video playback AFTER the crime happened. Both is not able to prevent crime from happening.

Malaysia burglar alarm system should be armed all the time (day or night) when there is no one in the house, you are home alone or there are elderly people in the house. Latest news reveals that robbers will attempt break-in during broad daylight in the afternoon. You definitely do not want robbers to sneak in and surprise you while you are watching TV on a peaceful afternoon.

You should choose a reputable and proven alarm system brand to protect what matter the most to you. Would you put the safety of the life of you and your loved on on a cheap alarm system? Paradox Canada has been around since 1989. Paradox proven system has been sold to more than 100 countries in last 29 years. Paradox is not focused on sales or short term profit as some of the big public listed brand. They invest heavily into research and development to ensure your safety is their utmost objective.


Paradox Canada is to 10 alarm system in the world offering the most reliable protection as affordable price. Paradox is for people like you, people who require piece of mind along with the very best technology has to offer and still easily affordable.

  • Twice The Security – Paradox can secure two separate areas with one single system.
  • Alarm That Talk – Voice module will call up to 5 phone numbers to tell you which alarm zone triggered.
  • Easy, Flexible and Stylish – Flexible 3 protection level when you are away, stay inside or sleeping at home.
  • Go Internet – Internet module will alarm notification to your smart phone via internet. You can control and monitor your alarm system using In-Site Gold mobile apps.
  • Minima False Alarm – Paradox patented technology worked hand-in-hand to keep false alarm to the very minimum.

How It Work?

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SOLB-PRDX-1Magnetic contact, vibration sensors, PIR and Infrared photobeam send triggers signal to alarm panel. more info

SP series alarm panel is easy to setup for home or office. more info


VDMP3 add voice notification when alarm call your phone through phone line. more info

Insert a SIM card into PCS250 to send SMS or voice notification. Good solution for area that does not have tel line. more info

IP150 Connect alarm panel to internet. Send out notification to smart phone apps. more info

Different types of the sensor are used to protect different part of the house. Basically, each house is divided into 3 main area as follows:

a) Perimeter protection
Protect outdoor area of the house. This is the first line of defence to trigger the alarm as soon as robbers step into the garden.
Sensor: Photo beam

b) Surface protection
Protect all opening on house wall surfaces such as windows and doors. The sensor will trigger the alarm during robbers first attempt to cut grill or open windows.
Sensor: Magnetic contact and vibration sensor

c) Internal protection
Protect inside the house. This is the last line of defence when the robbers succeeded getting inside the house. The sensor will detect robbers movements and trigger alarm.
Sensor: Passive Infrared (PIR)


In site GOLD allows you to manage your alarm system via mobile apps and PC web browser. This ensures you are able to stay connected to your home and office alarm anyway or anytime. The application offer simplified interface so that even kids or elderly person are able to use it. Every family member can download the free apps into their mobile phone and work together to keep their home safe.


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