Internet alarm with free mobile apps for monitoring

Paradox alarm is now “Internet enabled”

With the expansion of Unifi (internet broadband) coverage all over Malaysia, traditional phone line is becoming obsolete. Many houses nowadays do not even apply for a traditional phone line. Everyone prefers to use smart phone.

Are you still paying every month to maintain the traditional phone line just for your Paradox alarm system to call you when alarm trigger? Do you know that the Paradox VDMP3 voice module unable to support arm/disarm function over VOIP telephone line offered by Unifi? E10 can help solve all these problems by upgrading your Paradox alarm to become “Internet enabled” in most affordable way.

Most other solution in the market requires you to use a SIM card for SMS notification or GPRS data connection. Why need to pay extra cost every month for a SIM card since you already paid for the Unifi (internet broadband) in your home?

Now there is a simpler and lower cost solution. All you need to do is to add E10 internet module to Paradox panel. E10 does not need any SIM card. E10 connects your Paradox alarm panel to your existing Unifi internet connection. There is no extra cost. You can maximize the Unifi internet usage that you already paid every month.


How it works:


SOLB-PRDX-1Magnetic contact, vibration sensors, PIR and Infrared photobeam send triggers signal to alarm panel. more info

SP series alarm panel is easy to setup for home or office. more info

E10 enable for mobile app Protegus and you can monitor via your smartphone by install Protegus mobile app. more info


Paradox internet alarm help you save cost in your business too. There is no need to pay monthly fees for third party CMS service. You can now monitor the security of your own office by yourself. You can view event history of all users that arm/disarm your office from your smart phone. You can arm/disarm the alarm by yourself in case of false alarm. Paradox internet alarm puts you in total control of your office alarm system.

protegus-alarm-systems-protect everyone

Protegus allows you to manage your alarm system via mobile apps and PC web browser. This ensure you are able to stay connected to your home alarm anyway or anytime. The application offer simplified interface so that even kids or elderly person are able to use it. Every family member can download the free apps into their mobile phone and work together to keep their home safe.


Now is the the revolution era of “Internet of Things (IOT)” where we can make full use of our smart phone to better manage our life. Paradox latest internet alarm allow you to control and monitor your alarm security from your smart phone. Don’t be left behind by still using normal analog phone to receive alarm notification. Start protecting your love one and business investment using the latest technology of Internet.






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