DM1 is a stylish design door access control system . Card access reader has slim form factor that make it easy to fit into narrow door frame while maintaining prestigious outlook. Access control RFID reader is without keypad for minimalistic, clean and simple outlook. DM1 offer higher door card access security with time attendance function. DM1 support card access control management software for user friendly door access security permission setting, monitoring, CCTV picture capture and reporting.

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How does access control system works?

Multiple DM1 can be linked together for multi-door application. The EM lock will only release the door when the reader reads a valid card. Single beep and display “Successful” if successful. Double beep and display “invalid card” if there any errors.

Only valid access data will be sent to the PC for time attendance recording. Access raw data can be exported out for more advanced manipulation from third party time attendance software. This is a value added solution; user can have more security into their office and at the same time be able to monitor employee time attendance.

What is the benefit of access control system?

  • Weather proof reader can be install outdoor
  • Looks very cool with modern contemporary design
  • Personnel maintenance through software – no need to manual book record
  • Connects directly to PC via converter without any expensive controller.
  • Easy to generate summary report to view late for work, overtime and etc.
  • Continue to work and store transaction in memory during power failure

Ordering info:

Table DM1

Optional accessories to add on:

  • Add AR321CM to link multiple types of DP package to PC
  • Add break glass or key switch to manually release lock in case of emergency
  • Add magnetic contact for simple alarm functions and door open too long warning
  • Add COMMAX intercom to speak to your visitors before letting them in

Upgrade ideas:

  • Upgrade EM Lock to LCJ dropbolt to allow 2 way swing of your beautiful glass door