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October 2019

PARADOX S1T1 Feature


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With the common occurrence of burglary and theft in Malaysia, it is crucial to safeguard your family and assets from the dangers that follow. One way to do so is to install a home alarm system in your house. However, many people disregard the idea, thinking that the cost of alarm system installation is too expensive. Without a home alarm system, you’ll be losing so much more than a few thousand ringgit. Hence, installing a home alarm system is quite important because anyone can be a victim of burglary.

Planning to install a home alarm system? We offers high-grade home alarm systems from Canadian brand, Paradox for various home alarm system needs. The home alarm system price is inclusive of the product and installation services, and the price range is from RM 1,800 to RM 8,000 depending on the package you choose. Every package covers a different number of zones, so you can choose one that suits your preference. Installer technicians handle the list of things from A to Z when it comes to your home alarm system installation, therefore you do not have to worry one single bit about it.

Following is the common supply and install price offered by our dealers for Paradox alarm system:


You may add on following communicator modules:

a) IP150
This is an internet module that connect alarm panel to internet. You can purchase Insite-Gold mobile aps that allows you to control Paradox alarms system from the mobile aps.
Price: RM490

b) VDMP3
This is a voice calling module. It allow the panel to send voice notification to you on which zone triggered. This voice module also allowed you to arm and disarm the alarm system by pressing number on your phone.
Price: RM390

c) PCS250
This is a GSM module. For house that does not have phone line, PCS250 connect the alarm panel to GSM network. You need to insert a SIM card into PCS250.
Price: RM1000

NV 780 10

A home alarm system installation includes components like the panel, internal/ external sirens, motion detectors, vibration sensor, panic button, smoke detector, keypad, ceiling mount detector, photo beam, roller shutter magnetic contact etc. The components in each package vary accordingly. You may be confused with all the zones and points in the house, but our professional dealer will be able to properly install them for you. Be it the ceiling, window, garage or doors, we’ll take care of it.


The cost of the Paradox home alarm system comes with its advantages. It allows users to secure 2 areas with one system. Therefore, you can actually disarm one part of your house while other sections remain armed. If the alarm in any zone is triggered, alarm panel will call out to your phone to inform which zone is triggered. If your house is situation in an area where there is no phone line, you may add a GSM module that will call your phone via SIM card. Additional internet module can purchased to allow you to receive notification via Paradox alarm mobile apps – Insite-Gold. You can arm or disarm your Paradox alarm system from the mobile apps. Paradox home alarm system enables users to check the current alarm status and control the alarm using the internet, so it doesn’t matter if you’re in Malaysia or abroad.

malaysia alarm system sensor detects attempts to break in

It’s better to install an alarm system for your home in Malaysia before it’s too late. The price of the home alarm system installation is so much smaller compared to the loss you may face in a case of burglary or theft. Your house is a vulnerable target especially during long holiday seasons like Hari Raya. Comparing CCTV and Autogate, burglar alarm system in Malaysia is the first security system that a house should install. The objective of the good and properly installed alarm system is to prevent robbers from entering your house. Installing CCTV only is no longer sufficient.


You should choose a reputable and proven alarm system brand to protect what matter the most to you. Would you put the safety of the life of you and your loved on on a cheap alarm system? Paradox Canada has been around since 1989. Paradox proven system has been sold to more than 100 countries in last 29 years. Paradox is not focused on sales or short term profit as some of the big public listed brand. They invest heavily into research and development to ensure your safety is their utmost objective.

Paradox Canada is to 10 alarm system in the world offering the most reliable protection as affordable price. Paradox is for people like you, people who require piece of mind along with the very best technology has to offer and still easily affordable.

Call us now for more enquires on home alarm system installation in Malaysia!

eliminate buddy punching


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An organisation can only operate with a team of employees. In order to make sure the employees are working for the success of the company, biometric time and attendance systems can be used. Time and attendance system are most suited for offices with a large number of employees to keep them in check.
What are some of the benefits of biometric time and attendance system?

1. Eliminate buddy-punching

Buddy-punching is when an employee asks another employee to punch in if they are late or absent, so that it adds hours even when they are not working. This happens a lot with traditional punch card attendance systems. With the biometric time and attendance system, employees won’t be able to do buddy-punching because the system only recognises each person’s unique fingerprint. Employee cannot cheat their working time anymore.

eliminate buddy punching












2. Quick and accurate

One of the benefits of Soyal time and attendance system is its ability to identify an employee’s fingerprint efficiently. The Soyal AR837EF model is able to check 1000 fingerprint templates in 0.7 seconds, which makes recording attendance quick and easy. If you arrive right on time, it only takes a few seconds to clock in, ensuring that you won’t be late. Furthermore, the system accurately identifies unique fingerprints that belong to each different individual.












3. Increase productivity

When employees work fixed hours, productivity will increase too as there is less time wasted. One person in a team who cheats working hours can cause the whole team to slow down, followed by the whole department, then the company. With Soyal’s biometric time and attendance report track employee’s late in, early out and long break to help improve employee productivity. An increased productivity will bring higher profitability to company in the long run.

soyaletegra system time attendance malaysia











4. Security

When integrated with security systems such as door locks and CCTV, this type of time and attendance system benefits the organisation in many ways. Doors to the office or rooms will only open when registered users scan their fingerprints on the device. Therefore, it prevents outsiders from entering the premise without permission, further eliminating theft, burglary or other form of harm towards employees. CCTV camera can take picture snapshot of every entry and exit as visual evidence.

malaysia soyaletegra secure building










5. Develop responsible employees

If an employee’s attendance is affecting their work performance, it can be clearly seen on their attendance report generated by the biometric time and attendance system. Absence, lateness and overtime breaks of every individual in the company can be clearly checked by the HR Department. A decrease in performance may cause them to get a warning from superiors and also a reduction in salary. When they realise that their attendance is causing problems to their job, employees tend to be more responsible in managing their time. Ultimately a good biometric time attendance system can help each employee to accomplish more task during everyday working hours.

develop responsible employee


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Setting up outdoor home security cameras is not easy considering the number of factors to consider. From the brand to the specifications of each camera, some may get overwhelmed by the options available.

If you are searching for the best home outdoor security camera, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration in making your choice. The purpose of setting up security cameras is to offer surveillance of the targeted area. This means that the camera should have a fairly competent lens and recording resolution for video clarity. The powerful AX340 – Magtec AHD IR Bullet Camera offers a 5.0 megapixel camera for a high definition outdoor video recording. Higher definition allows the user to zoom in during playbacks without experiencing image distortion or blur.


Besides having a powerful lens, having lens that can be manually adjusted on the fly is very useful as well. The AX605 – Magtec AHD IR Bullet Camera is equipped with a flexible varifocal lens which allows the camera to manually zoom in on targeted areas. Compared to digital zooming, manual zoom avoids distortion and blurring of images. This allows for greater flexibility as it is usually difficult to find a strategic place to house the camera. The added capacity of zooming makes it more convenient to install outdoor security cameras. With an excellent night view with built-in infrared function, both of these cameras even ensure that your home will be under secure surveillance even when the sun sets. This is especially important as security is mostly jeopardized when it is dark.


As outdoor home security cameras operate within an unregulated climate, it is crucial to have weatherproof systems to avoid break downs. The tropical climate in Malaysia exposes the cameras to heat and humidity that can cause problems for your camera. A solid waterproof camera can prevent water vapour condensation within it which could blur up the lenses. Overheating of components that run all the time when exposed to the sun can also cause it to break down as well. Our selection of Magtec IR bullet cameras are built to be weatherproof to guarantee a worry-free operation for our clients. Each camera even comes installed with a secure and strong bracket to prevent breakage.

Setting up outdoor home security cameras can be one of the best ways to keep your home and loved ones safe and secure. Magtec offers a range of quality and affordable outdoor security cameras that will definitely make your space a safer place.

cctv house


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Closed Circuit Television or CCTV are devices installed to monitor or record videos of a certain location. Nowadays, many are turning to home CCTV system installation as a way to better improve security as break-ins and theft cases are getting more common. The big question lurking on everyone’s mind is just how much does a CCTV camera system installation cost?

cctv 2

Nothing is more important than the safety of our loved ones and having a reliable CCTV camera system is one way for us to better protect them. Our authorized dealer will be able to assist you in putting together a reliable system that is tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

The most important components for a CCTV camera installation are of course the camera itself, a storage system and power options. For the camera, you usually choose between those optimized for indoor or outdoor usage. Magtec offers a variety of camera installation choices starting at RM 400 with reliable performance while being budget friendly as well. Both dome and bullet type cameras are also available to customers. The AX505 – Magtec AHD IR Dome Camera and the AX605 – Magtec AHD IR Bullet Camera even comes with vari-focal lenses that enable the user to zoom into specific zones to have a better view.

cctv house

You will also have to take into consideration whether you want a wired or wireless system. A wired system usually cost less and more reliable than a wireless system that uses Wi-Fi. Regardless, storage is required and the size usually depends on how much footage do you want to keep. Typically a 2TB harddisk can store 4 channel video recording for up to 3 weeks based on H.265 compression.


The last component that many might overlook is the power supply. A good and reliable power supply is vital as it provides power to the entire system. Components should be made from good quality materials for optimized voltage usage and heat dissipation such as the NVS1250A4C- 4CH Power Adapter. Finding one which offers surge protection can even prevent your CCTV cameras from failing during a lightning storm.

While it varies on a client basis, CCTV camera installation is not as expensive as you would have expected. Nowadays, electronic components are mass manufactured and are easily obtainable at a more affordable pricing. Many share the misconception of high prices that a CCTV camera installation cost. With Magtec, we are able to provide quality systems at an affordable pricing.