Complete range of readers for parking access

Everyone is feeling unsafe with the increase of crime cases every day.Children can no longer play outside of the house on their own. Houses installed with CCTVs are being robbed in broad daylight.

Housing developers have introduced the concept of gated and guarded communities. The entire residential area is gated with controlled entrance. Security guards are stationed at the entrance guard-house. The next question is, how well do you trust the security guard? There have been cases where security guards would open barrier gates to just about anyone who waves their hand and does not look unusual.

The key to success of a gated and guarded community concept is a good parking access control system. Each tenant shall have their identity verified by the system instead of relying on security guards to recognize faces. A good parking access system does not need to be troublesome during the security verification process. The system should be hassle free to the users while maintaining the security of their home entrance. The most important component when selecting a good parking access system is the reader.

MAG offers 4 types of readers for parking access systems based on customer’s budget and requirement.All MAG parking access readers support Wiegand 26 and 34 data output that is compatible with almost all access controller brands in the market.


Type 1: Short-range reader

AR721K is a short-range reader (approx. 8cm). The reader is housed within a weatherproof gooseneck. Users need to fully stop their car and wind down the window in order to extend their hand out and flash their card. For sites with more than 300 residents, a long queue can easily build up at the guard house. However, this method can offer better security if a CCTV camera is installed nearby to record the driver’s face while he/she flashes the card.

hand flash card in heavy rainy

Type 2: Mid-range reader

MAG AR200U is a mid-range reader which can penetrate most solar films in the market, and offer affordable mid-range reading without the need to wind down windows. The AR200U reader and RFID enhanced CDU18L mid-range card can operate within 70 to 120cm. Users can comfortably flash their card from inside the car. No more getting wet during those rainy days.


Type 3: UHF long range

Reader MAG AR300U does not require batteries to achieve the optimum 2 to 6 meter range depending on the type of vehicle solar film used. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly. The AR300U is certified by SIRIM and complies with Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) frequency regulation. This certificate is important to avoid from MCMC penalizing your committee for violating frequency regulations.

AR300U’s specially designed anti interference UHF card allows for a more flexible reading. AR300U’s hybrid card offers frequency mixture for EM + UHF and MIFARE + UHF. Each card carries a singleset of numbers despite the mixture of 2 frequency chipsets on the same card. This allows for a truly ‘one-card-solution’ for parking (that uses UHF) and door access (that uses EM/ MIFARE).

For some who are using premium solar film tinting, they might need to wind down windows in order to read the card. Despite this small limitation, the AR300U is a very affordable long-range reader for most users.


Type 4: Active long range Reader

MAG AR500U is the ultimate active long-range reader. Most of other competitor’s long-range readers are unable to penetrate premium solar film tinting. This means that users with premium solar film tinting may need to wind down windows to flash their card. Additionally, some long-range readers will wrongly read other cards that are within proximity. Normal proximity cards like EM or MIFARE can be easily cloned. This is a serious security loop-hole to the entire parking access system.

MAG AR500U solves all these problems. The AR500U can penetrate premium solar film tinting and truly offers effective and convenient long reading distance for parking access systems. The AR500U’s mini tag (CCD100) does not use EM or MIFARE technology. Therefore, CCD100 tags cannot be cloned by EM or MIFARE card cloning machines which are commonly available at key maker shops. AR500U’s dual technology unidirectional angle means that only tags coming from the front direction will be read.

As car approaches, the AR500U will read the tag inside the car and the barrier gate will open. Users can pass through without the need to fully stop their car. Its function is similar to the on-board unit for electronic toll collection such as SmartTAG.

AR500U’s price is far more affordable compared to similar European systems. Now the AR500U can allow everyone to truly enjoy the benefit and convenience of long-range readers.


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