MAG is your first line of defense in security

The world is not safe anymore.A building with high density can be exposed to multiple security threats.

An alarm system can only notify you when the incidents is happening. A surveillance system can only give you video playback after the incident has already happened. By the time you received notification or see the video playback , it may already be too late; the intruder is already inside your building. Given the highest resolution CCTV camera you can have, all you could do is watch each person passing without knowing the potential criminal.


An effective security system should start at the entrance because it is the first point of contact for anyone who wish to enter a building . Therefore , securing the entrance with proper access control system and pedestrian gate should be the first important step in designing building security. Everyone’s entrance authorization into a building should be clearly defined by using access cards or fingerprints and only through this filtering can we effectively minimize security threats.


MAG offers a complete line of vehicle barrier gates, vehicle long range readers and pedestrian gates the complement any access control system. Starting from the guard house , MAG vehicle barrier gate helps to filter out all the vehicles. For convenience, users can flash their access cards form the inside their cars without the need to wind down windows using MAG’s long range- range readers.


Pedestrians will be required to pass through MAG’s full height turnstile before they can enter into building and its premises.As users enter the office lobby, they will have to flash their access cards again at the MAG Flap barrier or MAG swing barrier before they can gain access to the elevator or staircase. MAG’s double swing barrier lane accommodates handicapped users with a bigger clearance for wheel chairs.


MAG offers the full gate automation solution for condominiums, gated residential , office towers and factories. Most of its common gate models are available ex-stock locally to help eliminate the hassle of overseas import. No more waiting for 2-3 months to import spare parts as MAG will ensure your site is up and running again at the shortest time possible. In addition , MAG offers full technical support and advice for installation and troubleshooting.

MAG’s product line is design to secure your entrance at an affordable price with available spare parts and good after sales technical service . Choosing the correct entrance security system is the most important step to securing your building . Let MAG be your first step in security.

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