How to buy the right SoyalEtegra software version?

SoyalEtegra (SE-ACS) is an advanced client / server access control software that is designed exclusively for Soyal’s card and fingerprint access system. It extends SOYAL functionality to the next level with integrated CCTV surveillance and time attendance functions. SoyalEtegra is fully loaded with powerful features in a single platform to achieve centralized security, surveillance and attendance management for small to big business operations.

SoyalEtegra offers 3 software versions to cater to different security requirements:

1. Lite version (SE-ACSL)

The SE-ACSL is suitable for use in small offices and it can support simple time attendance. It can also support one break time and the calculation is based on FILO (first in last out) within each shift interval. This lite version can enhance security by limiting access to simple door groups and time zones.

2. Professional Basic version (SE-ACSB)

The SE-ACSB is suitable for buildings such as office towers, factories, apartments and condominiums. SE-ACSB supports client / server architecture over LAN (Local Area Network). Multiple operator PCs from anywhere on the LAN network can manage hardware, settings, monitoring and reporting events within the same building. HR managers, IT managers, CEOs, security guards and supervisors can log into the SE-ACSB with different authorized access at the same time to work as a team in ensuring safety of the entire building.


The SE-ACSB supports advanced time attendance with flexible shifts and is able to view clocking details, shifts assigned, and also auto-generate clocking.

SE-ACSB has an area control function which shows the people that are currently inside the building or premise. This is extremely useful when there is an emergency event. The operator can easily identify the number of people left inside the building and which room or area they had last entered. This information can assist an ERT to design a more effective rescue strategy. A visual pie chart can quickly show the percentage of persons unknown, inside or outside of the building at a single glance.

SE-ACSB also supports CCTV integration for a more effective security with visual evidence. The In / Out monitoring function captures pictures of normal access events in real time from selected doors. Pictures, user profile, current badging and previous badging are displayed on the same screen for the operator to easily verify the identity of the visitor. When used in a parking access system, the guard can verify if a driver is the same as the user profile picture and if it is the same car IN now and OUT previously.
Additionally, the SE-ACSB supports live viewing of user profiles. Every time when users flash their card, their photo and profile information can be shown on the screen for the operator to visually verify and authenticate each user.

3. Professional Advance version (SE-ACSA)

The SE-ACSA is suitable for multi branched organizations that requires a unified security system. SE-ACSA supports client / server architecture over WAN (Wide Area Network, Internet). Multiple operators from anywhere on the Internet WAN can manage hardware, settings, monitoring and reporting events of multiple remote sites (branches) in any location. This powerful networking architecture allows Headquarters and branches to work together easily and keep a closer eye on the organization’s overall security, whilst maintaining scalability to easily add more hardware or operators in the future.

There are 2 ways to manage and monitor branches. Assuming the HQ and its branches are connected to Internet (dynamic IP with DDNS hosting or fix IP):

1.Centralized architecture
The HQ runs SE-ACSA software. SE-ACSA hardware manager links back all Soyal readers and controllers from the branches over internet. There is no PC required for the branches. All hardware, setting, monitoring and reporting is controlled by the HQ. This is ideal for organizations with many warehouses (minimum staff and minimum activity at site).

2.Decentralize architecture
The HQ runs SE-ACSA software. Every braches need to have PCs to manage their own SE-ACSB software to manage hardware, settings, monitoring and reporting. The HQ also can have full function access to any of its branches over internet. This is ideal for organizations with many factories (a lot of staff and active business activity at site).

The SE-ACSA also can support Emap. Interactive Emap shows real time status of installed doors and cameras. During an alarm event, a corresponding map will pop-up, showing the exact alarm location and allowing guards to immediately rush to the affected site. This greatly enhances guard responsiveness as they do not need to waste time finding the location based on the door name. It will avoid the mistake of attending to the wrong location in big buildings.


The SE-ACSA is capable of managing global anti-pass back across readers (AR725E) which are connected directly to the LAN network without any hardware multi door controller. This is a useful function to have in big buildings with a lot of doors or barrier gates at parking entrances.


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