Long Range Parking Access With CCTV


MAG offer total solution for long range parking access system – long range reader, access controller and software with CCTV picture capture integration. MAG solution is optimized to achieve more convenient usage, faster pass through rate and higher security level at more affordable cost. You can start to enjoy the benefit of MAG automation technology.



  • No need to fully stop vehicle to flash card.
  • No more getting hand wet to flash card during rainy days.
  • No need to wind down windows to flash card which can expose to robbery threat.
  • Reduce traffic congestion during peak hour.
  • Able to achieve claimed long range distance even when vehicle is installed with premium solar film such as Vkool.
  • All entry and exit picture is recorded in software for visual evidence in the event of crime.
  • Makes your security guard work harder instead of sleeping in guard house.

Here are some of the videos of Long range solution in real life application. Please click on the links to view them

How It Works:

Long range reader reads the transponder inside of vehicle from far and barrier gate is triggered to open ahead of time. Barrier gate is already fully opened by the time vehicle arrived at entrance. Vehicles can continuously enter without the need to fully stopped for flashing card at reader. This allow higher traffic flow and reduces traffic jam especially during peak hours.


MAG AR500U penetrate solar film to read transponder inside vehicle (within 1.8 to 7 meter range) and send card number to access controller more info


Soyal AR716E in guard house verify card number, expiry date and access permission. Upon approved identity, AR716E will open barrier gate and trigger DVR to capture picture. more info


Magtec AX604 zoom in level can be adjusted to get a complete view of vehicle type and license plate. more info


Magtec MVR04 DVR will send captured picture to software. more info

MAG BR618 opens in just 1.8 sec to reduce waiting time and allow faster traffic flow.
more info

MAG BRD01 loop detector will trigger barrier gate to close automatically after vehicle complete passed through.
more info

SoyalEtegra SE-ACSB software display live picture captured and record event log of each entry and exit.
more info

Most long range reader in the market is not able to achieve their claimed long range distance if the vehicle is installed with premium quality solar film such as VKOOL Elite series. Most luxury car such as Mercedes, BMW or Audi in high end residential installed premium solar film. All these luxury car have to wind down windows to flash card.

The key advantage of AR500U is its capability to penetrate most solar film in the market (even VKool Elite). Combined with BR618 fast speed barrier gate, you can enter your home entrance without even stopping your car. This is the way you should enjoy the benefit of long range reader technology after paying high price to own a premium home.


In typical guard house, CCTV is displayed as 4 ch live video. Guard is not able to verify identity of incoming vehicle by just looking at the live video. SoyalEtegra shows the picture of current exit, earlier entry and meaningful identity information of the vehicle on the same screen. Guards can proactively verifies if the vehicle currently at exit is the same as the vehicle that entered earlier with the same card. Guard can verify if the driver picture is the same as the picture showed in software. All these features helped guard to do their job more effectively and maintain higher security at entrance to your home.


Compared to European system, MAG long range parking access system can allow everyone to truly enjoy the benefit and convenient of long range reader at a very affordable price. MAG offer complete spare parts and repairing service locally to ensure your system can be up and running in shortest time in the event of break down. No more 2 to 3 months waiting for spare parts or repairing service from European system.

MAG is your wise choice for complete long range parking access system from a single supplier.

Site Implementation:


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