CP4 is a performance parking access control system that supports multiple entrances and multiple exit barrier gates at the guardhouse to restrict unauthorized vehicles. CP4 car park access system can support up to 15,000 users with a global anti-passback function. CP4 offer full selections of short-range, mid-range and long-range RFID parking access reader to fulfil the level of convenience desired.

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CP4 parking card access system is ideal for premium condominium, gated community, commercial building or factory. CP4 is leveraging on SOYAL powerful AR716-E18– Multi Reader Interface.

Maximize your security
The guardhouse is the first gateway to enter any building. By filtering out all the “bad” people at the guardhouse and only allow “good” people to enter, you can effectively eliminate 90% of the security threats on your premise.

Maximize your convenience
Mid-range and long-range readers allow the user to their flash card from inside the car without winding down windows. No more hands getting wet during those rainy days. You can enjoy the fullest comfort from the benefit of our mid-range and long-range RFID technology.

How does the parking access control system work?
Multiple entries and exit readers are connected to the AR716-E18 Multi Reader Interface for the global anti-passback function. During entry or exit, you can flash the proximity card in front of the reader. Upon identity verification, the AR721H reader interface will trigger the barrier gate to open.

CP3 How does standalone parking access control work

CP4 is connected to MagEtegra ME-ACS software. All user profiles can be recorded into ME-ACS software. You can add/edit/delete users in the software and download the user changes into the AR716-E18 Multi Reader Interface. ME-ACS software offers a clean GUI instead of crowded the screen with unnecessary functions. A security guard or operator with minimum IT knowledge will be able to operate the software easily.

3 types of readers can be connected to the AR716-E18 Multi Reader Interface. Each reader has a different reading range to cater to different budgets and levels of convenience desired.


See it to know it
You can add MAG CCTV DVR and camera to capture pictures as additional visual evidence for every entry and exit. For example, you might want to know all trucks coming out from your factory are loaded or empty. During a crime incident, you might want to know who is the “actual” person is allowed to enter by the security guard.

CP4 see it to know it

Keep counting
AR716-E18 keeps counts on every entry and exit. Upon full capacity, AR716E can trigger a lightbox displaying “FULL”. This helps you to stop allowing more cars to enter if the parking is already full. You can also use the same feature to trigger based on “EMPTY”.

Simple automation
There are 4 programmable outputs available that can be triggered based on a weekly schedule. You also can turn on lights in the guardhouse to indicate security anti-passback breach or reader offline due to vandalism.

Fix any problems fast
The intruder might take advantage of the security loophole when the gate is down for a long time. MAG authorized dealers can leverage our wealth of experience in our support team, online knowledge base and warranty service to ensure any technical issue can be resolved faster. MAG offers full spare parts and repairing service locally at an affordable price to ensure your gate can resume operation in the shortest time possible.

Ordering info:

Each CP4 system consists of 1 x Main system (CP4M) and 2 set x chosen Reader Package. CP4M Main system is the brain of the system and consists of the following items as shown in the picture.
SOYAL AR716-E18 Multi Reader Interface
NVS1230P 12V, 3A power supply with a backup battery
SOYAL AR321CM RS485 to USB converter
– 2 nos MAG BR618T fast speed 1.8-sec barrier gate
– 2 pcs MAG loop detector
– Free MagEtegra ME-ACS Lite version software

Following are the 3 options of Reader Package available for your choice: short-range, medium-range or long-range.

CP4R1 2

CP4R1 – Short Range Reader Package
SOYAL AR721H reader
MAG Gooseneck

Affordable short-range reader (8cm). The user needs to stop the car, wind down car side windows to flash their card. This allows the security guard and CCTV system to record the driver’s face.

CP4R2 e1620275264392

CP4R2 – Mid Range Reader Package
MAG AR200U mid range reader
SOYAL AR721H interface
– MAG Gooseneck – MAG weatherproof enclosure with bracket
– 10 pcs MAG CDS18L long-range EM card

Best value mid-range reader (80cm to 120cm). Reading range will depend on the solar film installed to windows. Users no need to wind down the windows and can just flash the card from the comfort inside the car.

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CP4R3 2

CP4R3 – Long Range Reader Package
MAG AR300U Xclone UHF long range reader
SOYAL AR721H interface
MAG metal pole – PVC box
– 10 pcs MAG CDUS133L Xclone UHF long-range card

Advanced UHF long-range reader that can read up to 10 meters (free air) depending on the type of solar film installed, interference at the site and proper card reading angle. Xclone dual encryption technology gives you double safety to prevent your access card from being cloned. Xclone is designed to work without interference despite you installed another UHF tag such as the TnG RFID sticker on your car. You can pass through seamlessly without stopping your car.

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Optional add on:
Add DVRCamera and upgrade ME-ACS software to Pro-Basic version to support CCTV picture capture
Add outdoor waterproof IR camera
Add surge protector to protect all equipment from being damaged by lightning surge
Add push-button for manually open barrier gate
For hacking underneath a road, recommended to use the Unitronic RS422 data cable for better reliability.
Recommended to use MAG Barrier gate for maximum compatibility and reliability

Start making your guardhouse more convenient while maximizing security using advanced RFID technology backed up by our rock-solid after-sales service today. Click here to contact us now for more info.