Centralized Building Entrance Security


The world is not safe anymore. Building with high density people is exposed to security threat. Visitor with unknown identity entering the building might have evil intention. Who will know if someone put a bomb inside the toilet? Thus securing the entrance as preventive measure is MORE important than just installing CCTV or alarm system.

How It Works:

By effectively filtering out all “BAD PEOPLE” and only allowing “GOOD PEOPLE” to go in, you already eliminate 90% of the potential security threat in the building. MAG offer complete gate automation solution to protect your entrance.



Authorised door or floor level is assigned to this visitor. After click Check-IN in SE-VMS software, visitor card and MyKad shall be passed back to visitor. more info


Smart card reader capture number of new visitor card and automatically assign to visitor in SE-VMS software.more info

Captures video signal into DVR. HD megapixel resolution for higher clarity. more info


Visitor flash visitor card onto AR721H access reader inside flap barrier to verify identity.more info


MAG FLB130 Flap barrier lane will open upon identity approval.more info


SE-ACSB software will capture picture of visitor accessing the flap barrier via MVR16Z.more info


Magtec CX430 camera provide video into DVR for picture capture and video recording.more info


SoyalEtegra SE-ACSB display live picture capture and record event log of each entry and exit.more info

During exit, visitor insert card into MAG DBX100 dropbox. Upon verification, visitor shall be Check-Out from SE-VMS software automatically. more info


MAG SWB100 is used for handicapped lane or access for visitor with big baggage.more info


SoyalEtegra visitor management system (SE-VMS) effectively monitor and manage all visitor into building. Receptionist read MyKad from visitor to retrieve true identity information. Upon sucessful “check-in” into SE-VMS, visitor shall be given a access card that allows them to go into the building’s specific floor or rooms. Visitor does not have the access permission to enter other unauthorised room. You can black list and track visitor activity. On the way out, visitor just need to drop their card into the Dropbox for automatic “check-out”.


CCTV will capture snapshot picture of all visitor entering the gates. These pictures is automatically recorded corresponding to visitor check-in and check –out events. Picture provide important visual evidence to double confirm identity of person that physically entering the gates.


MAG flap barrier series offer more affordable access gate while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere in your building entrance. Building tenant and visitor must pass through these gate before they can proceed to lift lobby. All gates is designed with anti tailgating sensors to ensure only 1 person is allowed to pass through at a given time. Each user must flash their own card onto reader. Access reader will trigger the gate to open upon successful identity verification and capture a snapshot picture of visitor.


SE-ACSB software shows live picture of entry and exit of same user as side-by-side comparison in same screen with user profile picture to double confirm if it is the same person. Guard can easily detect if there is a different person entering and exiting the building with same card. SE-ACSB also show how long they have been inside the building. Compared to typical 4 channel CCTV video display, SE-ACSB offer more effective and proactive method for guard to verify identity of people accessing the building. In the event of crime, SE-ACSB provide useful visual evidence that might help authority solve the case.


MAG offer affordable TOTAL entrance security system that includes flap barrier gate, visitor management and access control system. Complete solution from a single supplier guarantee hassle free integration and 100% compatibility among all equipments.

Choosing the correct entrance security system is the first most important step to start securing your building. MAG is your first step in security.

Site Implementation:


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