Mid Range Parking Access

MAG offer total solution for mid range parking access system – mid range reader, access controller and software. MAG solution is optimized to achieve highly affordable price while still maintaining optimum security. Mid range reader eliminate the need of winding down windows to flash card. This is more convenient especially during rainy days.


  • No more hand getting wet during rainy days. You can flash card comfortably from inside your car.
  • No more carrying separate cards for parking and door access. Our mid range card is based on 125khz frequency that is compatible with any access control reader to achieve truly “One-card-solution”.
  • Overall a lower budget economical solution.
  • EXRF technology effectively penetrate most solar film (including Vkool Elite) in the market. This means that it can work with everybody’s car.
  • Passive card technology is lower cost and maintenance free because it does not require battery

Here are some of the videos of Mid range solution in real life application. Please click on the links to view them

How It Works:

EXRF mid range reader reads the passive EXRF proximity card from vehicle side without winding down windows. By eliminating the delay of each vehicle to wind down their windows for flashing card, the total traffic flow is increased effectively. More vehicles can pass through to reduce traffic jam especially during peak hours.

MAG AR200U reads card inside from vehicle side windows (0.7 to to 1.2 meter range). more info

Soyal AR721E in in guard house verify card numbers and open barrier gate upon approved identity. SoyalEtegra software to monitor live events of each entry and exit. more info

MAG BR618T opens in just 1.8 sec to reduce waiting time and allow faster traffic flow.
more info

MAG BRD01 loop detector will trigger barrier gate to close automatically after vehicle complete passed through. more info

SoyalEtegra SE-ACSB software display live picture captured and record event log of each entry and exit. more info

Many mid range reader market unable to achieve their claimed reading distance if the vehicle is installed with premium solar film. The key advantage of AR200U is EXRF technology that can penetrate premium solar film such as Vkool Elite so that you can flash card from inside your car without winding down side window. You will appreciate this technology especially during raining seasons where your hand will get wet if you extend your hand out to flash card.


All entry and exit event are captured into SoyalEtegra software’s current event log. Security guard can filter the event to search for evidence in the event of crime. Event transaction can be searched by date, time, card number, department or user name. SoyalEtegra software interface is optimized to provide a clean and simple GUI instead of cluttering with screen full of icons and status. This is so that security guard with minimum IT knowledge are able to operate the basic function of the software.


Compared to European system, MAG mid range parking access system can allow everyone to truly enjoy the benefit and convenient of long range reader at a very low price. MAG is your wise choice for complete mid range parking access system from a single supplier.

Site Implementation:


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