EX1 is a face recognition elevator floor access control system that manages user security permission to access certain floors in building lift. Users just scan their faces on FR300 face recognition reader installed on the lift panel, which will bring them up to the assigned floor. EX1 lift access controller can support up to 10000 users and 16 floors (max 64 floors). Add AR401R016 to support additional 16 floors.


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How does it work?

Firstly, the user’s face can be enrolled via FR300 face recognition reader or MagEtegra software. Our face recognition reader is integrated with MagEtegra software for easy enrollment via webcam or upload a face image file. Upon enrollment, the operator can download all the user’s face into the respective face recognition reader in the specific lift. The operator can then specify when (time zone), which level, and which elevator (door group) the user can access.

The user gets into the elevator car and scans their face on the face recognition reader installed on top/beside of the floor buttons panel. The user is only allowed to select a floor that is authorized for his access. The building manager will be able to control, monitor, and generate access log daily, monthly and yearly reports from PC.

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